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Quality vs. Quantity: Is less really more in copywriting?

The differences between good and bad copy may not be immediately clear to a reader, but where marketing targets are not being met, or a campaign is seemingly underwhelming, it may be time to examine your copy more closely. 

Exquisite copywriting can be the foundation of successful marketing, underlined by the purpose of crafting words in a way that influences readers to take a specific action. This usually relates to influencing consumer behaviour, but connecting a brand with its target audience and imparting information accurately to the reader is not always easy.

Volume or value: What’s more important?

The debate between quality and quantity is not as simple as it sounds. Successful marketing is underpinned by high-quality copywriting and a frequent publishing schedule. Ultimately, to grow your business, the resources to sustain a high level of both quality and quantity are essential. 

A blog is a great platform to consider this debate. A business could publish a huge volume of posts, but this requires a vast amount of resources to be sustainable and, most importantly, a lot of time.

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The internet is highly saturated with blogs, with research showing that millions of posts are made every day. When blog writers focus solely on volume over value, it can lead to a negative reputation and disengagement with their audience. Conversely, curating a high-quality blog by sacrificing the quantity of content can lead to a platform that evokes user interest, but with fewer opportunities to engage.

According to HubSpot, businesses publishing content 11 to 16 times a month receive up to three times more inbound traffic than those publishing less often. The ideal position is to create a blend of high-quality, high-quantity content.

Influence your presence through great and regular copy

Creating copy that is rich in quality and curating high-value content that establishes genuine interest from readers is more likely to lead to other websites linking to your content without any extra effort on your part.

Furthermore, producing high-quality, high-quantity content means that your website will experience higher conversion rates. If the purpose of your copy is to convert sales or leads for your mailing list, the copy has to be executed to a high standard. Low-quality posts don’t elicit significant interest or convey information clearly.

As a result, high-quality posts see approximately three times more conversions than low-quality posts, underlining the significance of engaging users with genuinely great content on a consistent basis.

Quality vs. Quantity – there’s no need for debate

A common opinion is that quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to copywriting. However, both work symbiotically and are utilised in parallel by successful businesses. 

Ideally, a business should produce a large quantity of high-quality content to establish itself as relevant and engaging with users. To avoid sacrificing quality or quantity, businesses often outsource their content creation to marketing agencies to produce a consistent stream of high-quality content.

Outsourcing your content creation means that the debate never needs to take place – your content partner can make the best decisions for you to ensure you are achieving the best approach at all times.