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Generate leads with SEO content services

Search engine optimisation (SEO) content services are an important part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Encompassing everything from blog posts to evergreen pages, great content is vital for ranking highly in search engine results and therefore bringing in qualified leads. Without an SEO content writing service, you’ll struggle to outshine your competitors and have little to share on social media.

Why SEO content writing services are so important

Most businesses now realise they need content on their website, but it’s not enough to have an in-house content writer creating pieces if they are not trained in the principles of SEO. This type of content writing is a specialised skill that involves optimising quality content to engage audiences and perform well in search engine results.

What are SEO content writing services?

SEO content writing services are the process of creating website content based on keyword research that increases your brand’s exposure and boosts its reputation. SEO content should be optimised for search, cover the chosen topic in detail and answer readers’ questions. This involves identifying users’ intent from their search queries.

As well as ensuring the topics are relevant, SEO content writing must also be presented in the correct form. That means the content writer must be skilled at selecting the right language and tone to address the target audience in order to deliver quality content. Website content must also be structured in a way that is easily interpreted by search engines, including the correct tagging of subheadings and appropriate metadata.

How does content SEO work?

To be successful, SEO content relies on a wide range of factors all working together. It’s up to the writer to produce compelling content, but the services you’re engaging go beyond just the well-optimised written word. Quality content starts with valuable keyword research that taps into the terms worth ranking for on search engines. It’s also backed up by a comprehensive website structure that enables content to be indexed properly.

The content on your site should be organised into a hierarchical structure that demonstrates how the topics relate to each other. This signposts search engine crawlers to different pages, showing that your brand is an authority on the subjects covered in your website content. An SEO writing service will constantly update your site, remove outdated content and ensure all new pieces fit into the overall structure and are tagged accordingly.

What types of SEO content are there?

Anything on your website that has been optimised for search and is designed to address user intent is SEO content. While the first examples likely to come to mind are directly linked to SEO copywriting like blog articles, white papers and ebooks, there are other elements that are included under the banner of SEO content.

Custom graphics, animations and videos are effective ways of communicating with your audience in engaging ways. Although they look interesting on your site and can help to break up the monotony of large sections of text, they also perform important roles for SEO. When properly optimised, these features of your site are understood and indexed by search engine algorithms and help your brand to score highly in search results.

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Why you need a content marketing strategy

None of this content creation happens spontaneously without careful planning. Working out how all of the elements on your site will interact with each other and be promoted on social media requires a content marketing strategy. Get this right and you will find your website’s search rankings improve and inbound marketing leads increase for your business.

What is the goal of SEO content writing?

Clearly defining your goals at the beginning is key to ensuring your content strategy is a success. These aims will guide the creation, organisation and promotion of your content. Without such focus, which can be provided by a content marketing agency, you’ll find your strategy is weak.

While overarching goals like performing well in search are universal in all content strategies, the nuances will differ depending on specific businesses and the industries they function within. Setting goals will influence the content creation process and a marketing strategy will help to determine the right mix of articles and other elements to ensure results.

Among the common goals associated with SEO content writing are establishing long-term lead generation; retaining customers and fostering loyalty; and increasing brand authority. All of these aims will help to improve the bottom line and help your business to grow.

To achieve the goals set out in your content strategy, you must make sure you’re properly categorising and tagging your articles and blogs; avoiding duplicate content and removing outdated pieces. Your strategy should include comprehensive internal linking and great content that has become orphaned must be dealt with so it’s so longer positioned on its own on your site.

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What is your SEO content strategy process?

Once you’ve decided you need SEO content services, you should look at the process you already have in place for creating a content strategy. This will help you identify where improvements can be made to ensure all future content creation is in line with your goals and supports inbound marketing efforts.

An experienced content marketer will be able to build on the foundations you already have and talk you through the next steps to creating your new SEO marketing strategy. There’s a good chance you’ll have some of the elements in place already, but organising them properly and filling in any gaps will help your content shine.

The stages of creating your content marketing strategy include everything from conducting keyword research and ideating content to building pages and promoting them with social media posts. It’s an ongoing process that must be tracked and adapted as changes in your business’ industry and in the digital marketing landscape occur.

Engaging SEO content services means you’ll always have experts in your corner who are up to date on the latest optimisation best practices. They understand small amendments to your content creation practices that can make big differences and propel your content marketing into the next league.

How to choose a content marketing agency

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies to choose from, but the one you select will have a significant impact on your content marketing going forward. That means you should consider a number of factors before making your final decision, such as the digital marketing campaigns they’ve been involved with before; relevant expertise in B2C and B2B content marketing; and how comprehensive the SEO services they offer actually are.

What defines quality SEO content writing?

Quality content is not the sole responsibility of the writer, but also includes strategists and consultants who help to ensure all the appropriate elements are in place. It should be well-researched, optimised for the relevant keywords and presented in an appropriate structure that meets the demands of search engine algorithms.

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Check the examples provided by a content marketing agency for red flags that any of these elements are missing and do the same with their own website. Also, read through the copy and check that it flows and is grammatically correct. Search engines reward well-written content and it’s important to offer a good user experience for your readers.

What is Axonn’s SEO content creation process?

As a full service digital marketing agency, Axonn is able to look at the bigger picture when it comes to content creation. We ensure all written content fits into the wider marketing strategy and is best suited to its purpose. Sometimes this means proposing alternative types of content, such as video or graphics, which still require written components to provide SEO benefit.

Axonn takes a collaborative approach to its content creation process, both with you as a client and within our expert team. To provide the most effective SEO services, we ensure everyone is fully briefed on the company, its goals and the aims of any content marketing activity. Axonn’s process involves keyword and target audience research, team ideation and the allocation of tasks to qualified experts. We offer reporting services so you can track key metrics to establish how well your content is performing.

Does Axonn provide SEO strategy services?

Axonn is an experienced content marketing agency and has an exemplary track record in providing SEO services including strategies and technical SEO analysis. We take the guesswork out of your content creation, establishing your user personas and the gaps currently seen in your content marketing efforts. Axonn uses this valuable information when providing its content writing service to you as a client, offering improved results.
From creating a content calendar to knowing when to link to a related post, strategy services ensure all your efforts work together for impressive results. You’ll receive actionable insights and competitor analysis that will inform your content to ensure your company is found easily by your target audience. Boosting your brand’s reputation both in search and with your customers through quality content means partnering with a marketing agency you can trust.