Why internal communication is vital to your content strategy

If you understand the value of high-quality content, you’re already aware of the importance of communication in getting good results from your marketing and forming strong relationships with your clients.

You might have great ideas for how your brand messaging will work externally, but do you have a plan for making sure everyone on the inside works together to make it happen?

With the right information, the people putting your strategy into action will produce authoritative content that engages the right people. On the other hand, if your team doesn’t have complete clarity on what the plan is and how to execute it, you’ll have a tougher time getting results.

Don’t underestimate the importance of internal communication to your content marketing strategy.

What internal communication achieves

Effective communication between the people in your marketing team – and across the business as a whole – is essential if you want to:

  • Supply information
  • Gather information
  • Clarify key issues and points
  • Influence action

All four of these things need to happen to ensure your content marketing delivers results.

The first step, giving information, is fairly simple: the people responsible for devising your strategy need to explain the idea behind it, its goals and metrics for success.

Have you seen any relevant studies or research you want to include? Any particular ideas that you want to incorporate into your content? That’s what gathering information is about. It’s also an opportunity for your team to suggest any ideas that could be relevant. This might include work they have done for a previous client or something they have seen one of your competitors doing.

Clarifying issues and points is important for everyone involved in a marketing project. The person in charge needs to understand what resources are available, what the people on the team are capable of and when content can be delivered, for example.

Similarly, content creators should have opportunities to ask questions about aspects of your content strategy they might not understand or have concerns about.

Throughout all of this, internal communication gives everyone the chance to influence action. The people involved in executing a content strategy will have different ideas, insights and areas of expertise. Listen to each other and use the opportunity to influence people on what you know.

Effective methods of communication

With such a wide range of technology available today, there’s no reason why content marketing teams shouldn’t be in almost constant contact with each other.

For many people, there is still no substitute for meeting in person. It’s often the best way to communicate and discuss ideas, ask questions and generate a good rapport with the people you’re working with. However, factors like geography and unpredictable events like the Covid-19 pandemic may not always allow that.

Fortunately, modern marketers have access to an unprecedented range of video conferencing technologies that provide the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation for remote teams.

Email, while not the most immediate or constructive form of communication, still has its benefits. It’s a good way to ensure everyone involved in a project has important information down in writing so it’s easy to refer back to.

However you choose to get in touch, never forget the importance of getting the whole team on the same page if you want your content strategy to run smoothly.

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