5 reasons why the NFL excels at content marketing

Once seen as very much an American obsession, the NFL has grown in popularity around the world in recent years.

Its International Series was launched in 2007 and has gone through a steady expansion since 2016, with regular games now taking place in London and Mexico City. Future plans could see the series expanded to Germany and Canada.

Those unacquainted with American football may be scratching their heads as to how the sport has grown so much over the past decade or so, but one of the key reasons for the NFL’s increasing popularity is the league’s exceptional online marketing. Here are five examples of the NFL’s outstanding content marketing plays:

1. An outstanding website

At the core of the NFL’s online marketing is its website.

With an accessible layout, modern design and a wide variety of content, the site is highly effective at capturing visitors’ interest and keeping them up to date with all things NFL.

Videos, news, team information, online shopping and much more content is just a click away from the homepage, offering an all-encompassing web experience that keeps fans entertained and engaged.

2. Strong social media presence

The NFL has dozens of social media profiles of its own, not to mention the hundreds of accounts regularly updated by players on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are the first port of call for countless fans looking for the latest statistics, news and inside stories before and after every game day.

Millions of users are engaged in constant discussion about games, players and teams across social media, generating the sort of awareness and word-of-mouth marketing most brands can only dream of.

3. Addictive fantasy football

The NFL’s fantasy football league has grown to the point that it’s almost as popular as the sport itself.

The obsession surrounding fantasy football is cult-like, with fans spending hours adding new players, arranging trades and picking their starting line-ups. There was even a TV show (The League) that covered the ups and downs that come with playing the game.

How does this relate to content marketing? It generates millions of page views, endless social media activity and deep engagement between fans and the NFL brand.

4. Fresh content

Thousands of sports channels and websites cover the NFL, but the organisation itself also does a great job of providing a stream of up-to-date news and fresh content to keep its fans hooked.

Any devotee who has missed a game or wants to catch up on the headlines knows all they have to do is visit NFL.com or check out the franchise’s social media pages to see the latest news and talking points.

5. Mobile accessibility

With smartphones now a vital part of life, a strong mobile presence is essential for any company that wants to deliver positive experiences for its audience and build brand awareness

The NFL realised this long ago and responded by launching a dedicated app and ensuring all of its content – from video and games to blogs and news – is easily accessible on tablets and smartphones.

What can content marketers learn from the NFL?

As the marketing industry changes and old trends make way for new technologies, the NFL is a great example of cross-media marketing done right.

American football fans can find enough content across the NFL’s website, social media pages and apps to keep them entertained and engaged for countless hours.

The range of unique, multi-platform content that users can’t find anywhere else helps to ensure that new visitors quickly convert into loyal fans and brand advocates – something every business would love to see in its marketing results.

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