Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos are an effective way to communicate vital information about your company, its offerings and core values in an accessible and memorable way.

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Leave dull and unimaginative business communications behind and keep things fresh and engaging with corporate video content that defines your brand. 

Corporate video production is an umbrella term that encompasses various types of business videos used to highlight internal or external corporate messaging. Corporate videos range from explainer videos detailing your brand’s mission and values, to educational and training videos, to live streaming content. 

For those businesses that don’t have the means or skills to produce corporate video content in-house, Axonn provides corporate video production and video strategy services to showcase your brand professionally.

Why corporate video production is important

Most marketers have caught onto the potential of video marketing for promoting products, improving conversions and increasing social media shareability . But why stop with purely commercial video production? 

Corporate video production is a powerful medium for showcasing your brand and reaching your audience – both internal and external – in an impactful and accessible way.  
From company profile videos explaining the essence of your business to potential customers, employees and stakeholders, to promotional video content for increasing brand awareness – business video production is crucial at various stages of your company journey.

What are the benefits of corporate video production for your business?

Many corporate communications strategies fall short because marketers can’t seem to find innovative and engaging ways to execute and deliver business-focused content. 

Instead of focusing your internal communications strategy on repetitive emails and dull presentations, leveraging video content keeps your audience engaged with what you’re sharing. Business video production can help you to:

  • Tell your story
  • Improve brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Achieve better SEO rankings
  • Increase social media shareability

What are the differences between corporate videos and marketing videos? 

A corporate video showcases your company in-depth, detailing its history, ethos, mission, values and other company information in a professional and engaging way. 

The purpose of corporate videos is to educate viewers about what your company represents at its core. This information can be conveyed with live-action video, motion graphics, 3D animation and more.

A commercial marketing video, on the other hand, is designed to exhibit individual products or services to encourage viewers to buy what you’re promoting, similar to traditional advertisements.

Common types of corporate videos

Content creation plays a vital role in any corporate communications strategy, and video is by far one of the most accessible and shareable content marketing mediums out there. 

There are many different types of corporate videos that you can use to convey your company’s message, mission and culture both internally and externally. Some key examples include: 

Internal communication video

This includes various kinds of training videos, as well as educational videos for explaining workplace culture, procedures and crisis management strategies.

Company profile video

Typically a short explainer video that showcases who you are, what you do, and provides your target audience with insight into your brand’s mission and values.

Promotional video

Essential to any corporate communication strategy, this allows you to share your brand’s ethos and can include investor presentations, client testimonials and interviews with company leaders.

Corporate event videos

Highlight your presence as a leader at industry events, offer virtual seminars for those unable to attend, or just show off your successes and celebrations.

What are the most effective corporate videos for your company?

It all depends on your specific business needs and offerings. For instance, a company focused on producing B2B content can communicate information in a fresh and engaging way to differentiate itself from competitors.

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What considerations should you make when choosing what corporate video to make?

Before diving into corporate video production, you’ll want to carefully consider the message you’re trying to convey and the purpose of your video. 

Axonn allows you to leverage a full suite of content creation and campaign management services alongside our corporate video production services to develop, plan and execute a holistic marketing strategy to define your brand.

How corporate video assists your company

There are many ways in which high-quality corporate videos can assist your company and help to communicate what your company is really about in an effective and accessible manner. 

Corporate videos can also be used to share your company’s stance on sensitive subjects such as diversity and inclusion, which are increasingly salient topics in the modern business landscape. 

Video gives you the opportunity to tell a story visually in a short amount of time. You probably watch numerous videos each day – Instagram stories, YouTube videos, TV advertisements – and you’re likely already using it in other areas of your digital marketing strategy. So, why not use this format to breathe new life into your corporate communications?

What are the features of a high-quality corporate video?

There are several key features of any great corporate video, including:

  • A compelling and clear message that highlights your company and details customer benefits.
  • A call-to-action (CTA) that directs the viewer to the next step.
  • Emotional appeal.
  • An effective combination of high-quality audio and visual effects.
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What are the top reasons why companies create corporate videos?

There are many reasons why companies create corporate videos, but some of the most common include:

  • To showcase their company to potential clients, stakeholders and employees.
  • For training, instructional and safety purposes.
  • To increase brand awareness with engaging content.
  • To explore and share core company beliefs, values and ethics.

Tips for producing a corporate video

The purpose of corporate video communications, whether brand videos or training videos, is to engage viewers with your business and the values it represents. 

Here are some key tips for creating winning corporate video content:

  • Know your purpose: What message do you want to convey? What do you want the viewer to take away from the video?
  • Identify your target audience: Who are you talking to? Is the video aimed at a specific group of customers, stakeholders or employees? 
  • Appeal to your audience’s emotions: Don’t be dull. Tell a story that’s memorable and speaks to your audience on an emotional level.
  • Keep it short and sweet: The great thing about video is that it empowers you to show, rather than tell.

What equipment and skills are needed for corporate video production?

To produce high-quality corporate film footage, you’ll need access to video production equipment including a high-quality camera, lighting equipment, an external microphone, gimbal, and post-production hardware and software. 

Like many, you might not have this equipment or the skills to use it. That’s why choosing an experienced and professional corporate video production company like Axonn is an effective way to ensure you have the tools and expertise required to create exceptional video content that defines your brand.

What services can help you produce a corporate video?

A video production company specialising in corporate video is a great option if you want to give your internal communication the boost it needs to keep your audience engaged and eager to know more about your business. 

Here at Axonn, we’ve got the principles of corporate video production down to a tee. Our in-house production team possesses the skills and equipment required to produce top-quality, professional corporate footage that showcases your company in a polished and engaging manner.

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