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Digital campaigns and posting regularly: What’s the difference?

Keeping your brand relevant means constantly updating its online presence.

Posting blogs and articles on your website and rich content to social media is a good place to start, but cohesive marketing is needed to make such activity much more strategic.

A digital campaign is more than just a collection of online posts. It requires careful planning, execution and measurable results.Launching a campaign may seem like a lot of work, but in reality it’s much more efficient than posting in a disparate fashion. Proper planning will ensure you get the best return not just on your money but also on your time, with all your key messaging working together to guide prospects to your desired outcome.

So, aside from posting, what are the essential elements of a digital campaign?

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Your strategy is the frame upon which you’ll hang all your digital marketing efforts. Providing the structure to your campaigns, it will dictate the content you create, when you post it and how you measure it, all with your goals in mind. It supports your direction and ensures you’ll see good return on investment (ROI).


A cohesive campaign is worth more than the sum of its parts. It will establish trust in your brand and present consistent messaging and values to your audience, so they understand what it is you stand for and the level of service they can expect. Over time, a digital campaign should increase traffic and subsequently, leads.

Data and analysis

It’s not unusual to think you know your brand better than anyone, but sound business decisions should always be based on the facts. Analysing the data will help you to fully understand your audience, their needs and wants, and their perception of your products and services. Armed with this information, your campaigns are much more likely to be effective.

Goal driven

Among the biggest differences between a digital campaign and incidental posting is the ability to set clear goals and objectives. It’s easy to overlook the purpose of a piece of content when it stands alone, but when considered within the matrix of a campaign, its role will be evident. You’ll also be able to establish links between pieces to create a defined user journey.


Nobody can be expected to create a digital campaign from scratch without experience, which is why you need to bring in the right expertise. A digital marketing partner will help you align your online efforts with the tailored needs of your business. That means conducting audience segmentation research, targeting and goal-setting.

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