Scaling. the google search mountain with bOnline.

bOnline provides VoIP phone systems and virtual numbers for small businesses. Their service helps growing companies balance the professionalism of a fixed business number with the flexibility of mobile access to phone services. Looking to update its approach to digital marketing, bOnline asked for Axonn’s strategic support to reduce ad spend and generate high-quality organic traffic to its site.


Ranking for phrases attracting 1,820 monthly searches


Top 100 rankings for 191 related search items


Top 10 rankings for 32 keywords


Monthly organic visitors to a high-value page


Ranking in Google SERPs for three priority search terms

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The Challenge

bOnline was spending a large portion of its marketing budget on PPC advertising to drive traffic and leads.

The company wanted to reduce its focus on paid ads and generate organic traffic through SEO. It operates in a highly competitive sector, with many rival brands offering virtual phone numbers and VoIP systems for the small business market.

Our Approach

Our research focused on high-conversion terms from bOnline’s PPC advertising that could be used as keywords in educational content to drive SEO.

The terms were chosen specifically to attract relevant traffic from small, growing businesses and used to optimise pillar pages and supporting cluster content. Our strategy focused on educating and informing potential customers about topics such as the forthcoming UK landline shutdown in 2025.

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The Outcome

Within four months of the pages being published, bOnline ranked first in Google search results for the terms ‘landline phone 2025’ and ‘landline phones axed 2025’. It also appeared in the top five Google results for searches such as ‘virtual business phone number UK’.

The resulting increase in organic traffic allowed the company to reduce its PPC ad spend and bring in relevant leads that would otherwise be expensive to acquire. This resounding success shows what can be achieved with a strategic, well-researched approach to SEO and organic lead generation.

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