Flux case study

We launched a Facebook campaign for Flux that made almost 80,000 impressions, securing plenty of new leads.

Flux is a company that provides offers to their clients in the form of real-time cashback and deals on everything from takeaways to getaways. Users who sign up to the newsletter get exclusive offers in their inbox every week. Flux reached out and asked us to create a lead generation campaign that would drive sales/retailers to their website and increase their email subscribers. 


Users reached on Facebook


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Leads secured

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The Challenge

Flux approached us to help them develop and create a lead generation campaign that targeted their audience of SME retailers to drive sales and Flux offers subscribers.

Their target audience was focused on SMEs that use POS providers such as Zettle, Square, SumUp, and Shopwave.

Our Approach

To increase subscribers to the Flux offers email marketing platform, we developed a Facebook campaign that would automatically enter users’ email addresses into Mailchimp using Zapier.

This allowed us to reach out to users with an automated introductory email and move them into Flux’s monthly marketing funnel. One of our main objectives was to ensure the emails were reaching Flux’s target audience to ensure leads were interested in the offers they were receiving.

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The Outcome

The email marketing campaign reached 40,148 users and made 78,708 impressions resulting in 278 link clicks and 67 new leads for Flux.

The open rate for the thank you emails that were sent out was a whopping 74 per cent, which greatly surpassed the average email open rate of 21 per cent across industries. The reminder emails that we sent out achieved an open rate of 39 per cent, also significantly higher than the industry average. 

Additionally, the thank you emails had an 11 per cent click-through rate compared to the industry average of between one to five per cent, and the reminder email achieved a nine per cent click rate. 

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