Reuse, repurpose, upcycle. Are you making the most of your content?

Providing your audience with a steady supply of new, high-quality content should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy, particularly if you’re focused on generating leads through SEO.

But as important as it is to regularly produce new and unique marketing materials, you should also be thinking about ways to get maximum value from the assets already available to you.

Knowing how to repurpose content can help you achieve goals like:

  • Connecting with audience segments you failed to reach when the content was first produced
  • Repeating and reinforcing your brand message
  • Bringing in more organic traffic

What’s more, you’ll be seeing these results while enjoying the time and efficiency gains of reusing materials you’ve already produced.

If repurposing content isn’t currently part of your marketing strategy, a good first step is to look at how you can leverage existing blog posts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Turn a blog post into video or audio

Blogs are the bread and butter of a content marketing strategy – great for keeping your website fresh, driving your SEO efforts and educating your audience – but it’s important to complement your written pieces with other formats, like video and audio.

To get maximum value out of your past blogs, use web analytics to find a post that has brought in a lot of traffic, then turn it into a short video. Repackaging the key points of a blog in video form will help you tap into the growing demand and appreciation for this type of content.

Another option is to turn a blog into a podcast episode, which can be a good way to inject some humour and humanity into otherwise dry or complicated subjects.

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Combine blogs to make an ebook

If you’ve been blogging for a while, the chances are you’ve created lots of posts exploring a range of sub-topics within a broader subject area. Take a look at your past content and pick out some well-written, high-performing pieces exploring distinct but related topics, and with a little bit of extra work you can bring them together to make an ebook.

You could, for example, combine blogs focusing on keyword research, linking strategy, search engine algorithms, user experience and on-page optimisation to create an in-depth guide to SEO.

Ebooks are high-value pieces of content that help you showcase your expertise on a particular subject and generate leads.

Repurpose blogs as social content

When it comes to leveraging your blog to drive social media engagement, there’s more you can do than simply sharing and promoting your latest posts across Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest.

Make your written content more impactful and social-friendly by picking out some attention-grabbing snippets to share alongside high-quality images and visual elements. This is a great way of using social media to ensure you’re continuing to gain value and audience traction from existing blogs.

Another approach is to look for data-heavy posts and pick out the most interesting statistics, which can be combined into a compelling visual format like an infographic – ideal for sharing across your social channels.

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