Specialist Advertising

Digital marketing is a broad and diverse space that provides all sorts of ways to promote your business, including a number of specialist approaches to advertising.

What is specialised advertising?

Conventional methods of getting consumers’ attention online are still highly useful to many firms – whether this is placing display ads on websites or social media channels your desired customers are likely to visit or using Facebook’s detailed user data to target your messaging. However, there’s also much more available to innovative companies.

Turning to specialised advertising techniques can help ensure you reach the right audience and raise your brand’s profile among key buyer personas. Axonn can provide information, support and services to help you make the most of specialist forms of advertising in the digital space. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of forming partnerships with well-known or influential third-party websites (affiliates). These can include blogs or news publishers that will promote your product or service on those sites within their content, typically with a link directly to an offer.

Your affiliates receive commission on every sale you make thanks to their influence while you can take advantage of the trusted reputation of your partners to boost your brand and increase your visibility among potential consumers.

Influencer marketing 

Teaming up with influential individuals who have a dedicated, loyal following (often on social media), is a great way to drive awareness and interest in your brand. Well-known personalities on the likes of Instagram or YouTube come with a ready-made audience who will be more likely to act on recommendations from people they already have a reputation with.

You may think this is reserved for businesses with large budgets who can afford to partner with celebrities with millions of followers, but this isn’t the case. This type of marketing is also perfect for smaller, niche influencers, as they are more likely to be regarded by their followers as experts in their field, increasing the chances of a strong return on investment.

Native advertising 

These are paid ads designed to match the style, appearance and tone of the media format in which they appear. The aim with native advertising is to blend in with the surrounding content, rather than standing out like display ads.

They provide a subtle nod to your business that blends into the aesthetic of the host website and are designed to be unobtrusive but effective in driving awareness of your products or services.

Next steps for specialist advertising

The growth that has taken place in digital marketing and advertising in recent decades means modern brands are in the fortunate position of having many methods, technologies and strategies to choose from.

Whichever route you think will work best for you, it’s important to do your research and ensure you’re selecting the digital advertising agency partners that are most relevant and in touch with your intended audience.

If you’re not sure where you should start, Axonn can answer your questions and point you in the right direction.