Digital Advertising Agency

Amplify your content and boost your business’ performance by investing in digital advertising. 

The importance of digital adertising

Modern businesses operate in an increasingly crowded and dynamic online space, where there has never been so much competition for potential customers’ time and attention.

If you want your brand to stand out and connect with your audience in this environment, you need a strong digital advertising strategy. Get your digital advertising right, and you’ll benefit from:

  • More brand recognition and engagement
  • Better results from social media
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Higher-quality leads
  • Improved conversion rates

If you’re keen to achieve these benefits but you’re not sure where to start, or how to devise a strategy that will work for your business, you could benefit from teaming up with a digital marketing agency.

Why hire a digital advertising agency over a traditional one?

One of the biggest incentives to work with a dedicated digital ad agency is to access specialist skills and expertise that will help you make the right decisions and investments for your business. Digital marketing is a fast-moving space, where it pays to stay up to date with trends and technologies that matter to your customers and give you new opportunities for engagement and lead generation.

How traditional and digital advertising agencies compare

An agency that specialises in digital marketing and advertising will focus purely on the potential of online and digital channels to drive awareness of your brand and generate new leads for you to convert into customers.

While traditional advertising agencies provide digital services, they also operate in areas such as:

  • Direct mail
  • Print and outdoor advertising
  • Product placement
  • Radio and TV ads

Why would you need a digital advertising agency?

Working with a specialist digital marketing agency is a good idea if you want to take a focused approach to your advertising. This will help you maximise the benefits you can expect to gain from methods and channels such as:

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Since they operate exclusively in this realm, dedicated digital marketing companies will be able to keep you up to date with key concepts and topics you should know about, such as the latest trends in social media marketing or programmatic advertising.

Key questions to ask a digital advertising company

When you’re assessing outside agencies to support your digital marketing, it’s a good idea to be prepared with relevant questions that will help you judge whether they’re the right partner for you.

The answers to these questions could have a big influence on your final decision regarding what sort of company you want to work with.

What results have you delivered for past clients?

The results a digital marketing company has provided for its previous clients are by no means a guarantee of future performance, but they could be a useful guide when you’re thinking about how this firm might be able to improve your digital advertising.

You could find it particularly useful to ask for case studies and real-world examples of how the company has helped its past customers overcome their challenges and optimise their advertising ROI.

How will you work with us?

It’s important to know how a prospective digital marketing partner approaches their work and delivers their service on a day-to-day basis, so you can be sure their methods will complement your own.

You’ll also want to get as much information as you can about practicalities such as:

  • Who will be your primary contact
  • What access you’ll have to shared systems and software that will help you keep track of ongoing campaigns and projects
  • How you will be kept informed about ad spend and use of budget

How would you build on what we’re already doing?

This is a useful question to ask when you want to test a prospective partner’s ability to make relevant, actionable recommendations that would make a real difference to your digital advertising and the results it’s generating.

If you’re looking for a creative agency that won’t be shy in recommending new approaches and challenging the status quo, this is a good way to find that out. It gives the company the opportunity to show they understand your needs and can come up with fresh ideas and plans to take your digital marketing forward.

The advantages of working with a digital advertising agency

Undoubtedly one of the most valuable advantages you can expect to gain from working with a specialist digital advertising agency is access to skills and knowledge that are specific to this area.

It’s difficult to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends yourself, so it makes sense to team up with a dedicated partner that can keep you abreast of everything from Facebook advertising opportunities to the latest developments in video content.

Crucially, outsourcing your digital advertising to an outside supplier can free up your time and internal resources to focus on your core business. If your chosen agency does its job properly, you’ll see a steady supply of fresh leads and opportunities to keep your company growing.

Finding the best digital advertising agency for you

So you’ve decided that bringing in an outside company to look after your advertising is the right option for you. But how do you then go about choosing a particular agency that will be the right fit for your business and your digital marketing strategy?

Know what you need

A crucial early step is to be completely clear about your needs and what you expect your partner to provide. Are you only looking for digital advertising services, for example, or are you in need of broader support for your content marketing, or help in other areas like web design?

You should also think carefully about how you expect the working relationship to function. Do you want a high level of involvement in your digital marketing and advertising, or are you looking for an agency you can trust to take complete control of these processes and deliver good results?

Look for experience in your sector

If an agency has a strong background in your sector and is able to demonstrate deep knowledge of current trends and challenges, it could give you some reassurance that they will be the right partner for you.

Ideally, you should be looking for a digital marketing specialist that can supply case studies and testimonials detailing the results it has delivered for other clients in your industry. If these past customers are similar to yours – with the same sort of budget, goals or obstacles to overcome, for instance – even better.

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Take a realistic approach

According to entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Neil Patel, when an agency ‘promises the world’, the customer should run in the opposite direction. Some companies might insist they can transform your digital advertising overnight and deliver instant results, but it’s wise to show caution and ask them to back up their claims before making your decision.

Another warning sign is extremely low prices, which are likely to be indicative of the level of service you can expect to receive. It’s important to be pragmatic and acknowledge that, if you want to get good returns from your digital advertising, you should be prepared to invest in it.

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Seek a partner that cares

As romantic and unrealistic as this might sound, it’s truly important to look for a digital marketing partner that actually cares about your company and what you’re trying to achieve. Every potential supplier pitching for your business might tell you they care, but by paying particular attention to this issue in every call, meeting and interaction, you can gradually gain a clearer idea of which ones are genuine, and which are just saying the right things to make a sale.

Before handing over such a crucial aspect of your business to an outside supplier, you should feel confident your chosen agency is fully committed to helping you get the best results.

Look to the future

You’re likely to get the most positive outcomes from supplier relationships that stand the test of time. It’s wise, therefore, to take a long-term view and ask whether you can imagine working with any potential partner for the long term.

When evaluating digital ad agencies, it can be useful to ask whether they would make a natural and productive addition to your existing marketing team. If you can find a supplier that is an ideal fit for your business and how you work, you can build a strong partnership that delivers benefits for many years to come.

If you have specific questions about digital advertising, with regards to the unique needs and goals of your company, get in touch with Axonn to start a conversation.