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Content Marketing

On-page SEO and off-page SEO: What’s the difference?

There’s just one type of search engine optimisation (SEO), right? Nope, there’s a number of different variations and knowing the difference is key to ensuring you’re getting it right. We’ve already covered the key elements that differentiate local and international SEO, but what about on-page and off-page varieties? These two distinct SEO practices perform different […]

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Content Marketing

What is Google SGE?

Putting the words Google and artificial intelligence (AI) into the same sentence is enough to spread fear among many digital marketers. After the initial concern and a little digging, Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) doesn’t seem so scary. After all, as marketers we’re used to change. Our industry is evolving all the time and standing […]

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Digital Campaigns

Digital campaigns and posting regularly: What’s the difference?

Keeping your brand relevant means constantly updating its online presence. Posting blogs and articles on your website and rich content to social media is a good place to start, but cohesive marketing is needed to make such activity much more strategic. A digital campaign is more than just a collection of online posts. It requires […]

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Content Marketing

How to be helpful online

September 2023 saw search engine giant Google tweak its Helpful Content Update, making it now more important than ever to adopt best practice for online success. As the digital landscape continues to shift, what do these changes mean for marketers and how can we make sure we’re maximising our content to be as ‘helpful’ as […]

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Digital Advertising

Boosted posts and paid ads: What’s the difference?

Sometimes organic posting on social platforms doesn’t quite go far enough and you need to put a bit of budget behind your brand. There are a number of ways of going about that and while the nuances may seem small, they can have a big impact on the end result. You may think to yourself, […]

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Digital Assets

How to make your digital content more accessible

A lot of digital content is ableist, but there are many simple techniques to employ that will make your website and social media posts more accessible to everyone. These can benefit the blind, deaf, those with colour blindness, people who suffer seizures or individuals who can’t use a mouse or touchpad. Many marketers may not […]

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Content Marketing

The digital challenges of reinventing a heritage travel brand

What happens when a well-known brand acknowledges it has become outdated and tries to reinvent itself for a new audience? While it may sound like a gamble, everyone in marketing has heard the phrase ‘adapt or die’ and there’s no point in holding onto something that’s simply not working anymore, no matter how recognisable it […]

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Local SEO and international SEO: What’s the difference?

That’s right, there are two types of location-based SEO and the way you approach improving your results in search will depend on which one you want to target. Most businesses are aware of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO), but many don’t know the difference between local and international SEO. Many factors will play […]

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Google launches SEO Made Easy YouTube series

Google has launched the first episode of its new YouTube series SEO Made Easy. While the search engine has been notoriously tight-lipped in the past about its algorithm and which practices help to put content at the top of its results pages, this could be an interesting peek behind the curtain. What is it? The […]

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Content Marketing

The surprising resurgence of the travel agent in 2023

If you think using a travel agent to book your annual holiday is so 1990s, then you might be surprised to learn they’re making a comeback. The post-Covid, post-Brexit landscape is seeing many holidaymakers returning to professionals to create a seamless trip. So, where does this leave digital marketers in the travel industry? A new […]