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All UK content marketing agencies are the same, right?!


If you’re looking for an agency to help with your content marketing, make sure you’re prepared to ask incisive questions and focus on key capabilities if you want to find the perfect partner for your business.

Deciding to work with a content marketing agency is a no-brainer. After all, there’s no way you can manage all your content needs without the specialist expertise of marketing professionals.

Whether you’re focused on brand awareness, your social media requires a new direction or your whole content strategy wants reworking, an agency is the way to go.

Now we’ve got that straight, the harder part comes next. Selecting a content marketing agency in the UK means working out exactly what questions to ask, doing your research and deciding on a provider that can handle all the services you require in one place. Add to that the importance of finding a good fit for your team and suddenly hiring an agency seems like a daunting task.

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of advice on what to look for when hiring a digital marketing agency and discerning which ones really are the best. Obviously we’re biased and think that Axonn is the top agency to offer you content marketing services, but we’ll let you be the judge of that!

What makes a top content marketing agency?

When it comes to thinking about what makes a top content marketing agency, the emphasis really must centre on your needs as a client. You won’t make big strides forward in your digital marketing efforts if you’re working with an agency that doesn’t listen to your aims and aspirations for your business. The best marketing agencies will act as a partner, helping you to shape your goals and then smash them right out of the park.

Why hire one of the best content marketing agencies?

Just like any part of your business, you’re going to want to work with a great quality provider when outsourcing your content marketing services. After all, the assets produced will be representing your company to potential customers, so it’s vital you feel you can trust the agency you choose to convey your firm’s values, ethos and tone of voice.

Digital marketing is not an area where you should be skimping, so it’s likely you’ll be putting a healthy amount of budget into your content strategy and related work each month. A top agency will be able to show you a return on investment and demonstrate where it’s achieved significant results in the past. This kind of track record is what sets the best providers apart from their competitors.

What questions should an agency be able to answer?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of content marketing agencies, you’ll need to start getting into the specifics. It’s worth putting together a list of questions that covers everything from the research stages, content strategy and ideation right through to delivery and tracking the success of campaigns. Pose these same questions to all the digital marketing agencies you’re meeting with so you can compare and contrast their answers to find the right fit for you.

The sorts of content marketing questions to ask

  • Have you worked with clients in this sector before?
  • How do you go about creating a content strategy?
  • What expertise can your agency bring to campaigns?
  • How do you conduct research into a business and for content creation?
  • Which departments will be involved in ideation?
  • What format will content be delivered in?
  • How will goals be set?
  • Can your agency help with social media?
  • Do you offer performance marketing?
  • Which metrics will be tracked in Google Analytics?

What makes Axonn different from other content creation agencies?

At Axonn Media, we’re a full service content marketing agency. That means whatever your content needs, we can help. We have specialised departments to cover all areas of content creation from editorial to video and graphic design, but we also have a strategy team and data insight experts to make sure the foundations of your campaigns and the tracking of results are all in place.

The main benefit of using one digital marketing agency to handle all these areas is that you’re not having to manage disparate elements. All of the departments at Axonn are used to working together to seamlessly deliver great content in a way that’s as easy and stress-free for you, the client as possible.

What do Axonn’s content marketing creation services include?

Everything we consume online is content and a lot of it is created here in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for your website to turn up in a Google product search or you’re looking to improve brand awareness, all of Axonn’s content creation services can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Among the services on offer are:

  • Blogs, articles, how-to guides and thought leadership
  • Landing pages, product descriptions and gated content
  • Video and animations
  • Graphics, infographics and GIFs
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns

Why choose Axonn as your digital marketing agency?

Choose Axonn as your content creation agency because you’re convinced of our credentials. Grill us about strategy, ask to see campaigns we’ve worked on in the past and throw as many marketing questions at us as you can think of. We want to partner with you as your preferred digital marketing agency because you can see that we’ll have a productive relationship and you like what we do.

Will a UK agency just focus on local SEO?

Local SEO may seem like a strange concept when thinking about the internet. After all, the world wide web is global and part of its charm is being able to reach anyone, anywhere, any time. But, despite this, it’s worth thinking about where your customers are geographically, and if you can take advantage of local search, meeting their needs.

Some 46 per cent of all the Google searches conducted are by people looking to find local information. While it can be very tempting to try and make your business appeal to everyone, don’t forget to cater to the needs of those customers most likely to convert on your doorstep. While local SEO may be just one element of your content strategy, ask yourself “who is likely to Google my business?” and the answer’s probably not going to be someone in Ulaanbaatar.

What are the benefits of partnering with a marketing agency in London?

If you’re a local business, then an SEO agency in London can help you on multiple levels. It can provide insight into how to optimise your online presence to get great local search results without neglecting national SEO techniques and even taking your global aspirations into consideration.

From making sure your Google business profile is up-to-date and linked to a Google Map through to targeting keywords that will convert, SEO services can help to ground you within the local community. Even in a global marketplace, the sense of a business being linked to a geographical place can still be a powerful marketing tool.

Will a London-based agency be able to handle my translation needs?

To achieve effective search engine optimisation in content for an international audience, it’s not as simple as hitting Google Translate. To tailor your online presence to meet the needs of users in other countries, you need proper translation services that allow for creativity and nuance to ensure an informative and delightful experience for the reader.

At Axonn, we work with qualified translators across multiple languages, which means our high standard of content creation can be enjoyed by your international customers. So, a UK content marketing agency can take you from local to national to global for all your SEO needs.

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