Email Marketing

There are all sorts of exciting ways to build your brand, engage your audience, nurture leads and drive conversions in the digital marketing space. One of the most effective is email marketing.

Email might seem like a more traditional method of keeping in touch with your customers, but research has shown it remains highly effective at maintaining engagement with your audience and encouraging them to take action.

Regular contact through email can also help to keep your business front of mind among your audience; customers who’ve signed up to receive emails from you are likely to be more engaged with your brand and therefore more likely to be repeat buyers in the future.

Email marketing can deliver results

Here are some of the key reasons why email should be part of your marketing strategy:

  • It allows you to segment your customers into specific groups, which makes personalisation easier. Personalisation is a key marketing success factor for modern brands.
  • Email newsletters are a great way to bring all of your latest content and insights together, making sure your customers don’t miss out on anything.
  • Once you have someone’s email address, you have a direct line of contact with them, which is highly valuable for lead nurturing and relationship building.
  • Including calls to action that encourage recipients to go straight to the purchasing stage can boost sales and conversions.
  • Well-crafted and visually appealing emails add to the overall customer experience.

Marketing emails that get opened

The key to success in email marketing is not just building up a long list of current email addresses. You also need to send out emails on a regular basis without swamping your customers and making them click Unsubscribe. 

You need to find compelling ways to make them want to open your emails instead of letting them languish in their inbox. Techniques to achieve this include:

  • Video – it has been shown to work well in email campaigns and putting the word in the subject line encourages the user to open your message.
  • Consistent high-quality content – will demonstrate value every time ensuring customers are not put off.
  • Send your emails through verified domains and include your location – to avoid spam filters.
  • Do some testing – to work out the optimum time of day to send your emails as it varies for every demographic.
  • Optimise and format your email – to not only work properly on mobile but also provide a good user experience.

Build an email list

Your email marketing campaign is reliant on a strong contact list, with up-to-date information from users who have opted in. There are a variety of ways to entice potential customers to subscribe, including free downloads and white papers, which capture data in return for content.

There’s certainly a lot to be gained from effective email marketing. If you feel that you’re not currently taking full advantage of the potential of this approach, working with a dedicated marketing partner can help you improve and achieve results.

Axonn can provide support at various stages of the email marketing process, from producing the content to include in your newsletters, to creating eye-catching graphics to complement your copy.