Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform and, consequently, a massive marketing opportunity for brands that know how to use it.

With billions of people using Facebook every single day and an endless supply of content jostling to attract their attention, cutting through the noise and getting your message across to the right customers is not easy.

That’s why many businesses choose to invest in Facebook advertising. This makes it easier to identify your relevant audience for your brand and aim your content directly at them. However, there are a few things any business needs to be aware of before embarking on such a strategy to ensure they can see a positive return on investment.

Developing a Facebook advertising strategy

With such a large number of potential consumers using the platform, it’s important you’re able to narrow down your efforts to the most likely customers. A wide net may get your ads more views, but you’re likely to end up wasting money showing them to people who are unlikely to buy. 

Fortunately, Facebook holds a wealth of data about its users that can be used to ensure your message is being seen by the right people.

Facebook uses three audience categories to help you refine your targeting. These are:

  • Core audiences: Define your target customers using criteria like age, interests and geography
  • Custom audiences: People who have engaged with you before – online or off – with whom you want to reconnect
  • Lookalike audiences: New customers who have similar interests to people who have bought from you before

Coming up with a strategy for how you want to target customers on Facebook is essential if you want to reach the right people. It can also help you engage with new prospects you might not have been able to access with purely organic content.

Choosing the right content for Facebook

Knowing who to target is only half the job. For a Facebook advertising strategy to be successful, you also need to think about which types of content are most likely to engage your audience, and this is just as important in your paid advertising as it is for your organic posting.

Another advantage of Facebook advertising is the range of ad types available. This allows you to deploy a variety of content types to showcase your brand and campaigns.

You can use:

  • Photo ads to concentrate on capturing people’s interest with visual content
  • Video ads to leverage the huge potential of the video format to explain concepts, showcase products or enrich your brand
  • Story ads to create a narrative with a combination of imagery and short-form video
  • Lead ads to capture lead contact data without directing people away from Facebook

There’s great potential in Facebook advertising, but the sheer size of the platform can be daunting if you’ve never used it before and don’t know where to start.

Axonn can answer any questions you might have about this approach and help you get started with Facebook ads.