Social Media Management

Social media can be your business’ shop window, but understanding what works best to drive engagement with your audience takes experience and know-how.

There are many opportunities waiting to be seized in the fast-moving world of social media, but to really take advantage of this space and gain business benefits from it, you need to adopt a structured, strategic approach.

This is why you need to think carefully about your social media management and not make it an afterthought. It is a window into your business and can often be the first port of call for potential customers or those with a query.

Your brand’s social media presence

Start off by deciding which social media platforms are appropriate for your business to have a presence on. This requires a certain amount of research, as there’s not a lot of point in pumping resources into a digital location where your target audience cannot be found.

It’s also worth deciding which platforms to prioritise so as to get them right before moving on to others. A poor social media presence is worse than no social media presence.

Social media is a broad term that encompasses a range of disciplines and activities. For example, when thinking about social media management you should consider:

  • Quality: What sort of content do you intend to share and promote on social media? Is it of sufficient quality to reflect positively on your brand and convey the right messages to your followers and potential customers?
  • Quantity: How frequently should you be posting to your social channels, to strike the right balance between staying relevant and not bombarding people with information? 
  • Tone: What sort of conversations do you want to be having on social media? Will your customers expect you to keep things straight and professional, or can you be more informal?
  • Scheduling: Planning and posting content to your social channels can become fairly hectic when you’ve got a lot going on, so how will you go about scheduling updates in advance?

In-house or outsourcing?

It’s important to think very clearly about whether you have the resources in-house to complete vital social media tasks. This means establishing if there is enough time in your personnel’s schedules to be posting online or if they are needed elsewhere.

Creating social content that properly reflects your brand and replying to queries on these platforms is a skilled job. Even if a member of staff has the time to do it, you must decide whether they have the aptitude for the task.


Axonn offers support

If you find yourself asking these questions but you’re not sure how to come up with the answers, Axonn can help. You can outsource your social media management to us or we can work with you to implement clear ways of working to guarantee social media success.

We’ve built up a lot of experience helping all sorts of clients, in various industries, manage every aspect of their social media output, including planning, producing and promoting content.