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How to drive engagement through video marketing services

Video content is an integral part of any marketing strategy and an effective way of achieving brand awareness within your target audience

Such assets have been found to perform well as part of a social media marketing strategy and are now favoured over traditional advertising by many. It’s therefore vital to approach video marketing with clear objectives in mind. Well produced videos published on your website, social media platforms and other communication channels should be a key component of your engagement strategy.

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What differentiates video marketing from traditional marketing?

Your marketing strategy should consist of a good mix of traditional marketing and digital marketing techniques in order to fulfil its potential. What differentiates video marketing from traditional marketing is its ability to tell your audience a story and therefore establish an emotional connection that goes beyond explaining your products or services. This makes it an effective form of inbound marketing, bringing your customers to you.

Types of video marketing

Putting a significant proportion of your marketing budget into online marketing makes sense as it’s more customer focused than traditional marketing. There’s a good chance you’ve seen video content on social media platforms and YouTube video marketing has become very popular, but it’s worth considering the wide variety of video marketing options available. These include:

  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Question and answer videos
  • Webinar or online event recap videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Live videos
  • User-generated videos
  • Animated videos
  • Social media videos

How businesses use video marketing

Unlike traditional marketing methods where a resource is likely to be rolled out through a single medium, such as a TV commercial,

Video marketing tells your brand’s story in an eye-catching way without appearing too ‘salesy’. Video content can be created to be the optimal length to hold the target audience’s attention and deliver key messaging in a relatively short period of time. Powerful imagery and footage of real-life customers can really give your digital marketing campaign a boost in terms of engagement.

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How to engage your audience with video marketing

Great video content that achieves all of your goals doesn’t just happen by accident. You need a video marketing strategy that systematically takes you through the process of creating content that keeps your target audience in mind and truly delivers in terms of brand awareness. This is true whether you’re producing a pre-recorded video for your YouTube channel, an explainer video to be published on your website or a live video for a social media site like Facebook.

How to create a video marketing strategy

When creating your strategy, it’s important to keep in mind how to engage your audience with video marketing, as this will influence the decisions you make. From here you must set specific goals as a video marketer to ensure your content achieves what you’re setting out for it to do and guides your audience to a greater understanding of your business.

Deciding on the types of video you’re going to produce and the platforms you’ll be using are two elements of your video marketing strategy that will be closely linked. After all, what works well on your website may not perform in the same way on social media. Your content should be based around engaging topics that will appeal to your target audience and lend themselves to being explored in the way you’ve chosen.

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Writing a video script is different to producing blog or landing page content and it needs to be formatted correctly. Keep sentences short and the overall script brief, with the script written in a way that sounds natural when spoken aloud. It’s important to understand the video specifications for different channels before you start post-production, otherwise you may find you can’t successfully post your content on your chosen platform when the time comes.

All digital marketing content must be optimised for search if it’s to be noticed and video is no exception. Video SEO techniques, such as providing a transcript, adding a thumbnail image and supplying metadata, will help put your video content higher up in search engine results and make it more discoverable to your target audience.

Identifying goals in your video marketing campaign

Some of the goals you may wish to set for your video marketing content include:

  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Social shares to boost brand awareness
  • Likes and comments that demonstrate engagement

How to choose the right video marketing agency for your business

Just like all elements of your marketing strategy, you’ll want to choose the right video production company to partner with. When thinking about how to choose the right video marketing agency for your business you need to take the wider context into consideration. Decide whether to use a full-service marketing agency that can offer a wide range of supporting content alongside videos or a specialist corporate video production team for a one-off project.

At Axonn Media, we have a wealth of experience in video production, as well as a confirmed track record as a marketing agency that achieves results. We will ensure your video marketing materials are tailored to the marketing channel you’ve selected and meet your company goals. That includes offering a variety of services to boost your engagement through video marketing.

Video marketing services and SEO

While you’ll want to employ a number of SEO techniques to boost the engagement in your video content, the relationship between the two marketing practices works both ways. Video marketing services are an important element of your business’ SEO efforts. Videos are a popular form of content, which are consumed by an increasing proportion of internet users. Major search engines like Google therefore rank websites with video content highly in their search results.

To get the best SEO results, take a joined-up approach that puts your video marketing centre stage, but is supported by all your other efforts. Choose a digital marketing agency that will help you develop a complete strategy but has the required video production skills to engage your audience and convert leads for your business. That way you’ll know that the time, money and resources you invest in your marketing activities will get results that video marketing agencies alone cannot guarantee.