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How to get started with LinkedIn video advertising

LinkedIn is a central part of many B2B brands’ marketing strategies, and to really get the best out of this platform you have to be using video advertising.

If you’re already familiar with LinkedIn advertising then you’ll know about its ubergranular targeting features – and one of the best things about video ads on the site is that they benefit from the same capability.

That means you can target member profiles with criteria such as company size, geography and job title, as well as via LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

Match this with the added engagement you can get with video content, and the ROI from your advertising can be taken to a whole new level.

After all, consider these statistics:

  • 96% of marketers consider video to be an important part of their strategy
  • LinkedIn users engage with video ads for nearly 3x longer than other options such as a text ad
  • 92% of marketers reported that video marketing gave them a positive ROI in 2023
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How do I get started?

As with any marketing activity, you need to decide what kind of results you are looking to achieve from LinkedIn video advertising. For example, you can use it to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate leads.

Once you know what results you want, you should have a better idea of what type of video campaign you set up. LinkedIn gives you two options:

  1. Use a ‘Sponsored Content campaign’ to promote video from your Company or Showcase Page
  2. Use ‘Direct Sponsored Content’ to personalise or test your video ads for a specific target audience, which doesn’t publish to your Company Page

Creating a video ad is an option in your Campaign Manager. From there, LinkedIn guides you through the campaign setup process and recommends suitable matched audience options for the ad format based on your chosen goal.

Things to consider…

When creating your LinkedIn video ad, there are certain specifications to keep in mind such as video layout, file sizes, formats and spec requirements.

The length of your video is also a key consideration when putting a video campaign together. Although LinkedIn video ads support video from 3 seconds to 30 minutes in length, it is recommended to keep videos short and sweet to catch and keep your audience’s attention.

LinkedIn has suggested that video ads less than 15 seconds in length tend to perform better.

It’s always worth taking a look at LinkedIn’s video advertising best practices.

What about reporting?

LinkedIn shows the engagement metrics based on the ad type – for example, you get to see ‘Number of views’, ‘View completion rates’, and ‘Leads’ depending on the chosen goal.

You can also install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website to track leads and conversions.

It’s important to determine which metrics will be most useful in measuring success. For example, do you want to focus merely on video views, which might be more useful for an event ad publicising a specific occasion, or do you want to prioritise the number of clickthrough to your site or qualified leads generated?

For more info, LinkedIn has a video ad tips resource where you can view a (you guessed it) video explaining more about the new functionality.

Check out our dedicated video production page here!

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