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What it means to work with a LinkedIn advertising agency

If you want to venture into the world of LinkedIn advertising but feel overwhelmed by the idea, working with a LinkedIn marketing agency could be the answer you’re looking for

Research shows that LinkedIn is 277 per cent more effective for generating quality leads than other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to lead generation, running a LinkedIn campaign can help you to boost engagement among a professional audience,  fine-tune your targeting and access a wide variety of ad types to grow your business. 

However, the cost of LinkedIn advertising is not cheap, so it’s important to ensure you’re doing it right. That’s why a LinkedIn advertising agency can help you maximise your social media marketing spend to achieve the results you want.

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What is a LinkedIn advertising agency?

Put simply, a LinkedIn advertising agency is a team of social media marketing professionals that specialise in marketing and advertising on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn describes itself as “the world’s largest professional network on the internet” as it is designed with a focus on career development and networking. For this reason, the platform can be used to discover employment opportunities, publish articles, grow your business network through your LinkedIn company page and more. 

The agency is in control of managing the end-to-end process of its client’s marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. Often, LinkedIn marketing services are offered as part of a full digital agency service where the agency manages content and advertising across various social media platforms. 

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What is a LinkedIn marketing campaign?

LinkedIn marketing campaigns are a form of objectives-based digital marketing that can be used for a number of purposes, including lead generation, promotional content, job recruitment, product and services sales and more. 

LinkedIn campaign execution involves several steps:

  1. Choose the campaign objective and which stage of the buyer journey you want to target (awareness, consideration or conversion)
  2. Select targeting criteria 
  3. Select the ad format you want to use, such as sponsored content, text ads, jobs ad format and so on
  4. Set your ad budget 
  5. Measure the success of your campaign using LinkedIn analytics tools

What can a LinkedIn advertising agency do for you?

A dedicated agency specialised in LinkedIn advertising can help your business in a number of ways. If you want to get the best results from your social media advertising efforts, working with a team of professionals with the knowledge and skills to execute an effective LinkedIn strategy can help you to grow your business. There are several facets of LinkedIn marketing that an agency can manage, including:

LinkedIn advertising strategy

No matter which social media platform you want to advertise on, a well-thought-out strategy should form the basis of your marketing efforts. 

The agency can help you to evaluate the current challenges your business is facing while also acknowledging any strengths. With this information in mind, the agency will come up with a LinkedIn advertising strategy that outlines goals for lead generation, increasing brand awareness, boosting engagement and any other objectives you want to achieve. 

The right agency for you will understand your specific needs and customer pain points to develop the best strategy to achieve your goals. 

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Ad development

An agency can also help you with the process of content creation. Creatives and editorial experts will know how to create ads that are visually appealing and contain effective written content and compelling calls to action (CTAs) to engage your audience. 

They will also understand the different ad forms and specs available on LinkedIn and how to leverage them to their fullest potential. There are lots of ad formats to choose from, including sponsored content, sponsored InMail, video ads, text ads, dynamic ads, display ads, sponsored update ads and carousel ads.

Each aspect of content ideation and creation will reflect the strategy based on your business values and objectives and will be crafted using your brand’s tone of voice.

Management, optimisation and reporting

The agency’s job isn’t done once its experts have come up with a strategy and created the content. They will also help you come up with a publishing schedule to make the most of your advertising based on your target audience. 

There are two options here: The agency takes control of your account for scheduling and publishing, or they create an editorial calendar with the most appropriate days and times to share ads and content but you remain in control. 

There’s always room for improvement, which is why the agency will continue to manage and optimise your campaigns based on analytics. To know if your LinkedIn advertising is achieving the desired results, the agency will continue to monitor and analyse your data to get a better understanding of how the campaign is performing by turning data into insights.

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Why should you work with a LinkedIn advertising agency?

There are many reasons to work with an agency that knows how to plan and execute LinkedIn campaigns that get results and drive growth. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons, remember that doing so can help you streamline your LinkedIn marketing to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. 

What are the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn?

Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach an extensive network of professionals that you’d like to work with and establish brand-prospect relationships.

As a social media marketing platform, LinkedIn offers several advantages that differentiate it from other networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are a range of different types of ads you can run on LinkedIn, allowing you to tap into a diverse audience across the network. For example, you could use Sponsored InMail to reach out to leads directly or use sponsored content to promote your business to new and existing audiences. 

Another factor that makes LinkedIn stand out from other advertising platforms like Facebook Ads is its LinkedIn ads targeting feature. This means that if you have a specific audience you want to see your content, you can create a dynamic ad tailored to each member based on their profile data. So in addition to standard demographics, you can run paid social ads based on variables like job title, seniority level, company size, industry, skills and so on. 

For this reason, LinkedIn is particularly effective for companies looking to specifically target business customers. That being said, it still has its place for consumer-facing companies. 

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What kind of results can you get with LinkedIn marketing?

Whether the goal of your LinkedIn campaign is to generate leads, increase brand awareness or drive sales, LinkedIn empowers you with the ability to reach a professional network through different ad formats and targeting options. 

Working with a LinkedIn advertising agency can help ensure you’re making the most of this social media platform, and they will also know how to use data and analytics to optimise campaigns for the best results.

Is working with a LinkedIn advertising agency worth it? 

In short, there are many advantages of outsourcing your LinkedIn advertising to an agency that makes it worth the investment. If you want to be sure that the money you’re spending on paid social ads is being used in the most effective way possible, a LinkedIn advertising agency is the way to go. 

Since the agency team will be experienced in running successful LinkedIn campaigns, you can rest assured that they’ll know how to execute strategies that reach your target audience, align with your growth objectives and maximise return on investment (ROI). 

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Work with a LinkedIn advertising agency that gets results

When it comes to choosing the right B2B LinkedIn marketing agency to put your trust in, it’s a good idea to do your research.

The majority of digital marketing agencies will offer social media advertising services, but if you want to focus on LinkedIn you should make sure they have demonstrated experience with the platform itself, as well as its different ad format and targeting options. 

Axonn can help with all your digital marketing needs, including how to get the best results with a LinkedIn advertising strategy. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn marketing to get quality leads and engage with a network of professionals to grow your business.