Video Production

Video is one of the most useful types of content marketing you can deploy. Videos are a proven tool for boosting engagement and driving conversions and are also a great way to improve visibility for your brand.

Overall, 92 per cent of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their strategy, with 88 per cent reporting a positive ROI from this content. Our highly-experienced video team can help you determine which types of content will work best for you and assist you throughout the production process to create something that’s truly memorable.

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Brand videos

A brand video is a great way to introduce yourself to potential customers and explain your values, vision and story. This type of content can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and make an immediate impression on viewers. No matter what industry sector you’re in or the audience you’re looking to attract, brand videos can show customers exactly what you have to offer.

These types of videos aren’t just for innovative startups looking to make a name for themselves. They can also be used by established companies to add a new dimension to their brand and show off a side of the company that customers may not have seen before.

Messaging videos

If you need to communicate a specific message to your audience, such as a product launch or your company’s perspective on a major trend that’s affecting your sector, a video is the ideal medium in which to do this. Visual content is perfect for grabbing people’s attention and ensuring they will remember your brand. 

This type of video can also be used internally. For instance, you can replace written updates on how your company is performing with more engaging visual content, enhance training processes, or just deliver a message thanking employees around the world for their hard work, as video provides a more personal connection than an email.

Social media videos

No business can afford to neglect social media as part of its content marketing strategy. With Facebook alone boasting 1.6 billion daily users and Twitter reaching 330 million people a month, it’s a great way to connect with your audience. But your competitors know this too, so you need to stand out.

Video is perfectly suited to these platforms, as short, shareable content can cut through the noise and offer a new perspective on your brand. It’s an ideal place to show off the more fun side of your business, such as behind-the-scenes views of life at your company. Social media videos don’t have to be focused on selling, as it’s more about making an impression and getting people to notice and remember you. 

Documentary videos

A documentary video is a great way to offer something fresh and unique to your audience. These allow you to go into more depth about the people and processes behind your business, showcasing what makes you tick and highlighting areas you’re particularly proud of.

For example, a documentary can improve conversions by showing that you understand the key challenges your customers face, and illustrating how your products or services help. This type of content can also be used to emphasise aspects of your business such as your sustainability or social responsibility policies in a more engaging way.

Product videos

If you want to highlight the unique benefits of your product offering or go into greater detail about its features, a video can help you to get your key messaging across clearly and concisely. While demonstrating physical products is a common use for this type of video, it can also be used to explain a service offering by placing it in real-world scenarios.

A good video should do more than just explain how a product or service works, however. It should also tell a story about why you’re offering it and add a human element that helps customers relate more directly to whatever it is you’re offering. 


For an entertaining way to promote your brand or explain your products or services, animated videos are a perfect tool to make your visual content pop. A well-made animation can liven up what might otherwise be dry topics and add a unique look to your marketing campaigns that sets you apart from the competition.

Using animations in places like landing pages can make these assets more visually appealing and help boost conversions, while you can also use them at sales meetings or events with potential customers. Animations are a unique form of video content, and we have the skills and experience you need to to make them a success.

TV advertisements 

While many marketing campaigns today focus on digital media, this doesn’t mean more traditional channels like television should be overlooked. A good TV advert is still a powerful tool to get your brand noticed, and we can help you navigate every stage of this process.

TV adverts offer great exposure and a clear emotional connection with potential customers. They can also be effectively targeted to your audience by working with broadcasters to ensure they’re placed alongside the shows your customer base is most likely to be watching. For local firms, advertising on regional television can also help them compete effectively with larger companies.

Livestream video production

Live streaming is one of the most exciting opportunities for video content. With tools like Facebook Live making consumers more familiar with the potential of these offerings, live videos are a great way to interact directly with customers in real-time.

There are a number of ways you can use this format, such as Q&A sessions, product launches, customer support events or interviews with influencers or well-known figures in your sector. Live streaming can be a challenge for many businesses, but we have extensive experience in this area and can help you make it as smooth an event as possible.