Why we’ve fallen in love with animation

When it comes to engaging ways of marketing your business they don’t come much more eye-catching than animation.

While animation videos can be a great way to demonstrate creativity and personality for your brand, as well as delivering a variety of messages, it often gets overlooked in favour of drier forms of content marketing.

From the earliest days of Walt Disney to the groundbreaking 3D computer animation brought in by Toy Story, animated film has always captured our imagination. But the storytelling possibilities they provide aren’t limited to the cinema.

This medium also offers huge opportunities to marketers. But anyone who thinks that animated video can only be used to communicate trivial matters to an audience has not seen some of the sterling work we’ve done for our clients using the form. In fact, animation is a really effective way to put across a serious point in a memorable fashion.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s all the other reasons why we love seeing marketing goals met in this unique way.

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Super versatile

As we’ve already hinted at, animation can be used in a seemingly endless variety of ways. Whether you’re aiming to grab and hold the attention of potential new customers when they first arrive on your website or boost brand awareness on social media channels, animation is the answer. It can be long or short, explain a complex concept or deliver a concise message, but an animation will always be memorable.

Easily shared

Animations can be packaged up in easily shareable formats, so you can use them to maximum effect. This means you can add an animation to an email marketing campaign to highlight a new product or send season’s greetings to your loyal customers. Or you can unleash it on social media, where popular animations get shared exponentially between followers.

Communicates value

An animated explainer is a clever way to communicate the value of your product or service to customers. It is most commonly structured as a problem; followed by the solution in the form of your brand’s product or service; an exploration of the solution; and a call to action. Keep this type of animated videos to below 60 seconds in length for sharing on social media and getting your point across succinctly.

Conveys brand identity

You can tell potential customers a lot about your brand in just 90 seconds of animation. It should produce an emotional reaction as opposed to a strong call to action, conveying the real ethos behind your company and what you stand for. Add music or text to add to the message and share the animation on your homepage or in a social media campaign to get your name in front of your audience

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Aids in navigation

Using animation in unexpected places can delight users to your website as well as help them to navigate it. Micro-animations may seem like a small detail but can make all the difference to a user experience. Deploy them within the buttons on your site to add an extra interactive element that guides users onto the action you want them to take. This could be to encourage them to click, for the button to open out into a contact form or for more information to be displayed in a relatively small space.

Teaming up with an experienced animation production company such as Axonn can help take your firm’s video marketing to the next level. A team with the right skills and knowledge can help ensure you’re choosing the right animation technique to match your goals and target audience, whether this is a 2D animation, 3D animation or motion graphics. What’s more, we help ensure you’re using it in the right way, including where and when to publish your video production, and the right mix of supporting content, from written copy to graphic design. Get in touch today to learn more.