Whitepapers and Guides

Explore complex topics in more detail and showcase your knowledge, skills and expertise with whitepapers and guides.

Producing whitepapers and guides is a good tactic if your current marketing goals include thoroughly educating your audience on a specific subject and demonstrating knowledge and expertise to solve their problems.

Where blog posts and ebooks provide good opportunities to drive traffic to your website and grab the attention of your audience, whitepapers and guides give you the scope to explore a topic in depth.

What can whitepapers and guides offer?

Whitepapers and guides are especially useful if you’re looking to position your brand as an authority on a particular subject matter and reassure potential customers about your level of expertise.

These pieces of content can come in many forms, however, depending on the type of business you’re in, the audience you’re looking to reach and the questions you’re seeking to answer. They could focus on a specific product or service and the benefits it can offer, or take a wider view to highlight key trends within your industry.

Regardless of the specific content of your piece, there are a few defining features that are common to these high-value assets. Some of the most important are:

  • They provide an authoritative, research-based perspective on a specific issue or theme that is of interest to your audience.
  • Their focus is generally on providing education and information, rather than selling your product or service. 
  • They can be anywhere from at least six to more than 50 pages long, depending on the subject.
  • They’re carefully structured into themed sub-sections and enriched with engaging design and visual elements.

Making these assets work for you

It’s important to understand the place of whitepapers and guides in your marketing strategy. This type of content is most useful for those who are already interested in your services, and are more likely to appeal to B2B customers who have a longer buying cycle. Therefore, these tools need to be carefully designed to advance readers along the funnel.

Whitepapers and guides require significant resources to produce, especially if you’re tackling a complex subject that requires a high level of research. However, if you’re willing to commit the time and effort required to produce whitepapers and guides, you can expect to see benefits like:

  • Lead generation, since these assets usually require at least an email address for user access.
  • Engagement with customers who are further along their buying journey, through the delivery of information and insights that could influence purchasing decisions.
  • Enhanced brand recognition and reputation.

Axonn can support you

To really get the best out of these formats, you need the right skills and knowledge to navigate each stage of the process. This includes everything from planning, researching and writing the content, to combining the copy with design and promoting your assets across your social channels.

They also aren’t assets that should be used in isolation. They should be backed up with other content such as blog posts that can give a top-level overview and encourage readers to find out more and landing pages that allow you to capture essential details from interested readers.

Axonn has the experience and in-house expertise to support you on every step of this journey.