Social Media Content

Social media offers great potential to make connections with your audience, build strong relationships and drive awareness of your brand, but to really make the most of it you need to have high-quality content.

The key to corporate social engagement is to create an interesting and engaging mix of content that will keep your audience coming back to see what’s new – that’s true for both B2B and B2C. Over time, your social media content should build up a real sense of your brand’s authentic voice. So, every time they engage with a post, it adds to their idea of what your company stands for, what they can expect from you and why they should choose you over your competitors.

What works well on social?

If you’re looking for ways to benefit from the fast-moving social environment, you could consider:

  • Producing interactive assets like quizzes and surveys to engage your audience and yield results to inform other content
  • Bringing together a series of blog posts to make an e-book that can be widely shared, discussed and promoted across your social channels
  • Creating and sharing a ‘behind the scenes’ video that gives customers an insight into your company and what makes it tick
  • Collecting user-generated content (possibly in exchange for a prize) to diversify your social offering and earn engagement
  • Sharing news, reports and other third-party content from your industry that has caught your eye and will interest your customers

It’s not just a case of picking a few content types from a list that look good and going down that route. The assets you create for social media need to be part of a wider strategy that works together to achieve your goals and provides good ROI.

Axonn can support you

Axonn has extensive experience in the social media environment, having worked with companies of different types and sizes in various industries. We can help you navigate every stage of your social content strategy, from planning to production to measuring outcomes.

That means you can feel confident that the social media content you commission is based on customer data and buyer personas. You want to know that your marketing efforts are being focused on the channels where your demographic can be found and that your company is presented to your customers in a way that will engage them.

You will find that certain content works better on one platform or another and that some times of the day or week yield better results. Analysing the performance of your social media content will help you to make informed choices about your strategy going forward. Assets that have been well received can be emulated with a clever refresh going forward.