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Key things to look for in a video marketing services partner


Video is one of the best ways to take a digital marketing campaign to the next level and create a genuine connection with customers. But for smaller brands in particular, this can be hard to achieve in-house, which is why teaming up with a video marketing services provider is a great idea.

Are you sure you know what to look for when selecting the right video marketing provider? There are many companies out there that offer video production capabilities, but a full service agency delivers so much more than this.

Whether it’s assisting with content ideation, handling the management of a social media video ad campaign or ensuring every part of the process is completed with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, video marketing services ensure you can get the best return on investment possible from your content. So what do you need to know when embarking on this journey?

Why your business needs online video marketing

Step one is to make sure you understand what video marketing can do for you in the first place. Even a short video can be relatively complex and time-consuming to produce, so if you’re going to commit to this, you need to have confidence it will show results. 

Fortunately, on that front, the evidence is clear. For example, take a look at these stats and it’s easy to see why video content is so popular.

A video marketing campaign draws the attention of readers, engages them with strong visuals and a compelling narrative, and lets you showcase what’s great about your brand in an entertaining and informative package.

5 things video marketing services should include

When looking for a video marketing agency, it pays to select one that can handle everything for you, as  video creation itself is only one part of the campaign. This leaves your internal resources free for other areas, while you can rest assured that you’re getting the best advice and assistance at every stage of the process. So, what should you be paying attention to when it comes to finding the right partner for your video marketing strategy?

Help with choosing the right format for your video

A successful video starts at the planning stage. If you’re not clear from the outset what you want to achieve, what message you want to get across and how you will measure success, you’ll be setting off on the back foot. This makes it more likely you’ll have to manage unexpected delays or changes in direction later on.

This extends to the type of marketing videos you want to make. Do you want a corporate video that shows off the culture or your brand, or an in-depth explainer video for a specific product? Will it be a short, optimised social video or something longer such as a webinar or documentary? 

There are a wide range of options available and it can be hard to know where to start. However, an expert partner will be able to offer clear guidance on what will work best for your brand.

Video production and editing

The process of filming requires not only the right tools – including cameras, lighting and sound equipment – but also skills and experience that many firms may not have in-house. Once the shoot is done, dedicated video editing software will also be needed to create the final product, including any voiceovers, subtitles or supporting graphics that are needed to tell the story.

From scriptwriting and filming through to putting together the final cut, your chosen partner should be able to handle all of this. Ask for examples of previous work to get a feel for what their content looks like.

Video SEO

Search engine optimisation isn’t just for written copy on your website. This is a key factor in ensuring your video gets seen by the right people. As well as optimising your content for services like YouTube, you can’t overlook Google Search, as this not only offers video-specific results, but can improve the quality and authority of your site as a whole.

Video SEO services will cover a range of areas, from having keyword-focused titles and descriptions on YouTube to good website design and technical SEO for videos hosted on your own landing pages.

Publishing and managing your video ad

Choosing the right platform to publish your video, and then ensuring that you’re engaging correctly with the service to make sure it is as visible as possible, is another area where having the right agency partner pays off. 

This can be particularly important if you’re looking to run paid ad campaigns on social media services such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. These have powerful tools for targeting to ensure you’re getting the most out of your advertising budget, and a digital marketing partner can assist with conducting research, setting up campaigns and making adjustments based on performance.

Helping to promote your video

Simply posting your video and hoping people find it is unlikely to be a very successful strategy – you need to be showing off what you’ve created. This could be supporting posts on social media, a direct email marketing campaign to qualified leads and existing customers, or teaming up with other brands or publications to share your content.

Again, you can get support from an experienced content marketing team with this. They’ll be able to do everything from write social copy to studying your key performance indicators to see where improvements can be made to reach the right target audience.

We do more than just video marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool for getting your brand noticed, but it can’t achieve success on its own. It needs to be treated as one part of a holistic content marketing strategy. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Axonn can help you incorporate video into your marketing mix, provide all the necessary supporting content you need to make it a success – and, of course, produce high-quality video to place at the heart of your next campaign.

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