Social Media Video Production

With almost half the population of the planet using social media, any business that isn’t working hard to earn maximum exposure and engagement in this space is missing out on opportunities.

Make An Impression.

When you need to get your brand noticed and make an impression in such a crowded, fast-moving environment like social media, video content is one of the best ways to do it.

According to HubSpot, consumers are crying out to see more video content from their favourite brands. Indeed, 53% want to see more video content on social channels. It therefore begs the question, could video be the route to maximise your brand exposure?

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The benefits of embracing social video.

There are many opportunities to use social media videos that can prove highly effective within your broader social media marketing strategy. Some of the benefits include:


Video is incredibly shareable and once you’ve published it to your own page, there’s no reason why your followers won’t spread it far and wide.

Increase attention

Features that make the video play automatically on social media platforms help to draw attention to your content.

Search visibility

Use headlines, descriptions and hashtags to optimise your videos for search, so they perform well in terms of SEO.

Drive conversions

Include calls to action at the end of your video, as anyone who has watched it all the way through is now engaged with your brand.

The social media landscape is always changing and videos can be dynamic, so link to the trends that are impacting your audience to really see results.

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If you want to give customers an insight into your business and what makes it tick, for example, you could produce a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video that shows some of the work your people do every day. Alternatively, you could upload a company culture video to your chosen social media platform to highlight your brand’s ethos and values.

Key factors to consider for social video.

Social media is also a great environment to share fun, lighthearted videos that might not have anything to do with selling your product or service, but add a new dimension to your brand and strengthen your customer relationships.

Among the routes to go down are animation, which you may not consider for your website, or a video tied into a specific event. Seasonal occasions, such as Christmas or the school holidays, offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate a more fun-loving side of your business.

Huge Potential

One of the key things to consider where social media videos are concerned is whether you’re taking full advantage of the medium. There is huge potential in the live video functions offered by platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for example, so it’s worth asking how you can make these capabilities work for you. Then, there are lots of ways to measure the effectiveness of your social media video campaigns. Track metrics like the number of shares or click-throughs to your website to establish the impact of your videos and which elements to use again in the future.

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Social media video strategy.

It grabs viewers’ attention and helps your brand stand out from the crowd. But how do you ensure you’re using this strategy effectively? Social media should have an integral role in any good marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, having a strong presence on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is vital in boosting your brand awareness and getting new customers into your marketing funnel. But with everyone competing for eyeballs on social media, it’s important you stand out. And one of the best ways to do this is with engaging video content. Social media video posts help you differentiate yourself from competitors and greatly increase the chances of converting browsers into customers.

Axonn Media can help you create exciting, fresh social media video content that’s optimised for these platforms.

Our expert team of video production specialists can guide you through the creation of a wide range of social media video content, including:

Brand awareness videos

Product videos and tutorials

Behind the scenes

Live streaming videos

Animation videos

Something else…? Ask away and we will do our best to help.

How social media video production is useful for business

Social media video is one of the most useful elements of a good content marketing strategy. With the right production and distribution, it can boost your business in a number of ways.

Why is video content important for businesses on social media?

Video is proven to be far more engaging than other types of content. For instance, if you’re looking to boost brand awareness on social media channels, content with video gets ten times more engagement on Twitter than text-only.

Social media marketing videos can also be used for a variety of purposes. It can prove highly useful in demonstrating your company culture and ethos, educating potential customers about your key products, or just making sure your brand’s seen to be playing an active role in the conversation.

How can social media videos help your business?

Some of the most common benefits of social media videos include:

  • Shareability Users of sites like Twitter and Instagram are more likely to share engaging video content, which helps get your brand seen far and wide by their followers.
  • Attention grabbing – Autoplay functions help instantly draw attention to your content. Remember though, that autoplay videos are typically muted, which you’ll need to factor into the video production process.
  • Improved visibility – Good video content can greatly improve your SEO, both on dedicated sites like YouTube and Google as a whole. To see results, you’ll need to focus on getting the right titles, descriptions and metadata as well as the video content.
  • More conversions – Add calls to action to your video content and the right links to the description to make sure those who are engaged with the content know what the next steps are.

How effective is online video marketing?

The results of effective social media videos speak for themselves. According to HubSpot, 53 per cent of consumers want to see more video content from their favourite brands, while branded video is nearly three times more popular than branded blogs or ebooks.

Social media video production tips.

Getting social media video right is easier said than done. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our team can give you expert advice on not only what type of content to film, but we can manage the entire production process, from initial concept, through filming and editing to publication.

How can you determine what you would like to accomplish with your social media videos?

The first step must be to determine what type of content you’ll produce, and how you’ll determine success. Do you want to raise brand awareness, generate new leads, or introduce a new product to the market? There’s much more to this area than just a traditional video ad.

This will guide the format of your social video content, as well as how to target your audience. For instance, Twitter is great for short clips to quickly grab attention, but YouTube is more suitable for longer explainer videos.

Why is production quality important for social media videos for business?

The importance of professionally-produced social media content for your video marketing strategy is paramount. While you could film something on your phone to upload to YouTube, customers can easily spot a half-hearted effort, and this gives a poor impression of your firm.

What’s more, it’s vital you tailor your video to your intended platform and audience. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all have different ideal dimensions for video content, so it’s important to optimise for each. At the same time, your video may look different if it’s viewed on desktop or mobile devices, so this must be taken into account.

How do you improve the video quality of social media videos?

To get your social media videos looking as good as possible, you need to ensure you’re using professional-grade equipment, including cameras, lighting and editing tools. Whether you’re making a 30-second intro or a ten-minute Q&A explainer, working with an experienced video marketing agency helps ensure your content looks stunning.

Creating video marketing content for social media

So you’ve decided you want to create video content for your key social media channel? Great, but how should you go about it? A good partner such as Axonn can help you develop ideas and turn them into reality.

How do you make a social media video?

A key part of the process is understanding what makes social media video content unique and stand out from other types of content. This includes the quirks of each individual social media platform, the expected audience and how people will interact with the video content.

For starters, who are you aiming to reach? All the major social media channels offer opportunities for video content, but their audiences may have very different expectations when it comes to length, tone or content. A Facebook video will have a very different style than one made for YouTube, for example.

What do you need to create video content marketing for social media?

To make video marketing a success on social media, there are a few key steps you should be following:

  • Identify your goals
  • Plan your content types
  • Select your platforms
  • Plan and complete production and post-production
  • Post and promote the video
  • Measure key metrics

When should you create video marketing content for social media?

There’s no wrong time to produce social media videos, but most firms can benefit from a planned strategy that fits into their wider marketing messages. New product launches are an excellent time to produce promotional video content, for example. This means eyes will be on your firm, so you can take advantage of this with a range of content.

Seasonal video marketing campaigns are also a great way to drive engagement. A special message to your customers at Christmas or Halloween is a fun, lighthearted way to boost visibility.